Thursday, 26 March 2015

Motivational Thursday

Hello everyone,
I had a couple posts in mind but the past few days have changed my mind.
I know alot of people go through this and i really hope this helps you.
Ive felt very down and de motivated... and when i try and explian it people they just say youll be fine ... easier said then done right ?
I found the next couple of steps helped me so i wanted to share them....
1. Having a shower,
Easy i know but having that shower each morning or night washs off any dirt and stress, it refreshs you and its that time to pamper yourself whilst in there.
2. Changing the bedsheets,
This made me feel so much better as theres nothing better than being clean and in a fresh bed !
3. Watch an uplifting film,
Whenever i feel crap i always put a childhood film on to uplift your spirts... example i watched beauty and the beast the other day as i loved it as a child.... and it cheered me right up.
4. Yoga,
Stressed ? Tense ? I found that yoga has helped me clear my mind and de stress me. I use youtube yofa videos from :
Tonic yoga and yoga with Adriene too.

So i thought id share these tips with you all and i hope it helps anyone out there :)

I also thought on re setting up my youtube channel as i miss it ... ??

Hope your all well
Becky 💜