Sunday, 18 December 2016

IBS and Anxiety


I have been dealing with IBS and Anxiety for a good couple of years now and I know that alot of social media, Bloggers and Youtubers have come out and made content on the subject. I'm really happy that now more people are coming to terms with mental illness and not brushing the subject off.

I wanted to go through my story in case I can help anyone at all out there that's going through the same thing which is the most important part of this "Your Not Alone"

It started back in around 2012 when on nights out I would start to get a nervous stomach and use to think everyone was staring at me and the room always use to feel as if it was closing in.
I always thought it was just me or the alcohol I was drinking, but over time it seems to be I become nervous when I know I have an event or need to get somewhere new.

Although my IBS goes hand in hand with my Anxiety as I always feel nervous traveling or being in public and feeling like I need to rush to the loo to put it lightly, which then puts me in a anxiety state.

Back in 2014 I was diagnosed with IBS and I have struggled ever since, a girl who loves food being told to only eat certain foods was hard.
They told me to diet or follow a FodMap Diet and I always try my best but everyone has slip ups right ?

Tips for IBS

1. Always drink plenty of water to flush through your digestive system

2. Peppermint Oil tablets work wonders on wind and for any ingestion you can get from having IBS

3. Buscpan is amazing for bloating and cramps

4. Not eating over 8pm has helped me alot for each morning I get up now

Tips for Anxiety

1. Never just think of the negatives in the situation your nervous for (you can always make out it will be 10 times worse and that's not always the case)

2. I listen to calming apps on my i-phone when im traveling to calm me and take my mind off my IBS

3. If things become worse - take yourself away from the situation for 5-10 minutes (for example when I was out in a pub or club I would just sit outside or in the toilets and gather my thoughts before continuing)

4. I have now found out Netflix have a download bit so you can watch on the go so I will download a film and watch it on the way to work and back to take my mind off IBS symptoms

If you are struggling with any mental health or illness please see someone and talk to someone, easier said than done I know but its truly the best way to get it off your chest and get help for easier day to day life.

Helpful Links for any Mental Illness:

Hope your all well