Thursday, 22 May 2014

Something New

So everyone has been raving about Garniers Micellarwater so I jumped on the very late bandwagon and brought it :). Also got some large cotton pads to use with it. 
micellarwater - £3.33 on offer at asda !! Cotton pads - £1
Then I saw the Loreal thinking hair care advert and as I have thin hair I thought I'd give it a go :) let me know in the comments if you want me to update you all how it works and if it does :) 
Hair care shampoo and conditioner - 2 for £4
Then as I have a busy weekend ahead and I'm sick of painting my nails and chipping them I thought I'd buy the Primark nails as there amazing and theatres I choosen is so cute :) they come in at only £1 too !!
So I picked up a couple clothes items all very cheap too ..
Long cardigan - £14 which is great paired with shorts and skirts and great for festivals !!
Grey jumper - on sale for £3 originally £8 which I got as we still get chilly days in summer here in the uk
Stripy boyfriend tee - £3.50 I've been after a classic striped top and this fits a dream and is so soft !
Halter cami - £2.50 which is a basic for the summer paired with anything in your wardrobe :)

Hope you liked this little post :)

And that your all we'll