Monday, 30 September 2013

Vitamin Madness !

1. Hair,Skin and Nails Tablets 
Not to sure on the price as online don't sell them but there in store.
Iv'e been taking these for a week so far so not to sure there working yet.
but if you go over to number 3 there amazing !

Not to sure on the price as I got the 240 tablet box.
I also have taken vitamins as a child just in case my body isn't getting it from my food etc..
These were good priced and easy to take !

I brought these about January and i took them until they ran out.
You get 90 capsules for (£6.56) on amazon.
I took these as my hair wasn't growing !
My hair got alot thicker and longer. My nails got stronger and my skin cleared up.
I think its time for a re-purchase..

(£3.23) This product is good so far I use it after taking my make-up off,
then cleanse with this. I rub the cream in circle movement across the face
then run the cloth under hot water and taking the cream off.
In conjunction with my oil its leaving my skin silky soft!

I got these in conjunction with the hot cloth as it was buy one get the
other half price ! so really i got this for around (£1).
This stuff is amazing for the price it sinks in without leaving a oily residue 
on your skin !
My face has become alot softer and brighter using these too.

Have you got your vitamins out this fall ?
if so have you got any good recommendations ?

Hope your all well