Tuesday, 20 October 2015

All Things Autumn

Like most people I know I can agree with that this is the start of my fav part of the year !
The cold but yet sunny mornings, the burnt orange and red colored leaves and clothes, dark lipstick, hot drinks (coffee !) and the amazing warm clothes to layer with.
Then you have Halloween and bonfire night then the most exciting time of the year... Christmas !!

Here's just some examples to get you all excited :)

1. Autumn Colours: As you walk through the parks/streets and see all these amazing colours that cover the floor.....

2. Hot Drinks: Either Alcoholic or non-alcoholic its nicer to enjoy when your cold :)

3. Clothing: I love this time of year to get cosy and comfy all the time and to experiment with layering your textures...

4. Makeup : I love experimenting with lipstick but best of all I get to wear dark colours now !

5. And at the very end is of course Christmas !! its my absolutely favourtive time of the year and not ashamed to say I get very excited to see all the Christmas decorations out in October :). If I were someone from a film you could say im abit like Will Ferall in Elf .....

Do you agree with my list ... 
What do you love around this time of year ?