Saturday, 24 October 2015

Date Night Style Tips

Hello Everyone

I wanted to put together a style tip blog for a couples date night or maybe just a general party night for both men and women as we all know date nights are good to get out and enjoy eachothers company. Also lots of Christmas work do's are around the corner so to get you all prepared here's 4 tips to get you ready:

1. Look at what you already have...
Most of us of a basic to layer up on already



2. Don't forget to accessorize
always add on top of your basic 

I always go for a coloured one if already wearing black

I personally think bow ties look better

3. Always layer up this time of year
As the party season comes up we all need that cover up 

id team an outfit with a simple leather jacket as its quick and easy styling

Yet again its simple to throw on and keep you warm

Those are my simple but quick style tips for the party season/ a date night.
Last thing is don't forget your shoes !
Women i would match my heels to my bag to keep it all tied in together.
Men i would pick a classic pair of black shoes or could even go with brown ones.

All Women's Styles I picked from ASOS
All Men's Styles I picked from TheBlackTux

Have I missed anything out you would do ?
Comment below....

Hope Your All Well