Monday, 12 October 2015

Thinking On Your Own ..... Positive Post

Hello Everyone,
( Sorry if people find this blog post soppy but all below is my opinion)
So I always end up drifting off when ever im sat alone in quiet or commuting to work every day. I know this blog post has maybe been done 100 times and yet I think its important to always inject this subject to social media and I will be happy if this helps at least 1 person that stumbles across my blog.

More than half the population sit there doubting themselves and not happy with some part of their life or the way they look.

I can honestly say I have done this many of times and recently as I get older I start to wonder why we all do it ?

I think its very important to love yourself before committing to anything in life. Weather this be in your self or your self motivation.

If you look at this way your born as you are, you can not change this and no one else is born the same so you should expect this and life your life. Try to become the best version of your self.

I'm working on myself at the moment as I have sat there and got stuck in the dark on how I feel about everything.
First I suffer with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and this effects many aspects of my life. I will be doing a full blog post on this soon.
Second I get stuck in a rut with what direction im taking in life career wise as if always been into the social/beauty/fashion/wedding industry and yet I have a 9-5 job.
So im taking steps even if they are baby steps its something right ?

I will be experimenting with different diets to see what suits me and makes me feel amazing.
I have signed up to the body shop at home so I get involved in my own business and the industry I've always wanted to get into.
I  have started blogging again so I can have my own creative corner back.

I just want to say just right down somewhere private the things that have been playing on your mind and see if there's substitutes to focus on and things you can improve to make you feel good.
Theres things in life that we can not control so take each day as it comes (coming from me that has organised every second of her life).

Please take care of yourselves and surround your self with positive people/thoughts.

Have a Great day