Tuesday, 3 November 2015

All Things Spooky

Hello Everyone

|| 30th October ||

So a couple days before Halloween i thought to myself as I was growing up I didn't celebrate Halloween. so I deiced to get some pumpkins for me and my partner to carve !!
These are currently sat on my kitchen window sill so anyone passing the house can see.
I was shocked on how difficult it was to carve, so I went for a classic face,
I would love to get more creative next year though.
My pumpkin is the left one and my partners is the right pumpkin

|| 31st October ||

So today is Halloween and I'm off out to celebrate !

My last Blog i showed you what i had brought to create a witch costume 
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So here is my full outfit and make-up look 

Then there was my partner and friends that dressed up as the channel 4 news team from anchor man team which got them loads of attention !

Hope you all had a fantastic day and night !!