Thursday, 3 March 2016

Getting Back Out There

Hello Everyone,

Big Updates:
So yet again I drop off all social media platforms, I have just settled into a new job and also a new home which was stressful yet exciting, Me and my partner are now engaged too ! (blog post on that from Italy soon)

This is something i generally enjoy doing so everything i get into the swing of things this is the first thing i think of...

Also you know when you sit there and think through your career and what paths you would like to take ... yeah ive been doing a hell of a lot of that the past couple months.

As a young girl ive always enjoyed Weddings and reading up on them.... now as a fiancee i have looked into more of that side of life and recgonised this is the industry id die to be in !

So ive been looking online at courses and speaking to a few people here and there ( please comment if you know any information).

Post wise on here i will have a haul from my birthday and looking into getting some wedding inspiration together very soon !

Hope your all well