Friday, 5 August 2016

The Great Purge


Have you ever just wondered why you can’t ever pick an outfit you love or thought why don’t I own any clothes but take a look inside your wardrobe and have stacks upon stacks of clothes just sitting there?

I think I speak for “Most Women” out there that have done this and you’re not alone!

I decided a couple of weeks ago to actually have a proper look through my wardrobe to see what I have in there and to also organise it so that it was in categories and colour. Little did I know I would still be doing this into the late hours (It does take a while for those of use that debate if we still need that old t-shirt that you haven’t worn for years). I had items in there that were great to sell which I’m still doing on Ebay UK to get extra cash to build my basic wardrobe up and also had 4…. yes 4 bags of clothing that where full!! Which I gave to charity which is a great way to give back to the community when you know that your trash is someone’s treasure and that dress you don’t wear could be someone else’s best possession.

After this huge purge I was left with a sad looking wardrobe with a little selection of clothes I love and wear all the time. I noticed that there wasn’t a good capsule wardrobe but clothes I randomly buy without thinking of outfits that that piece of clothing goes with. So I wanted to write this blog to start me off but to also help anyone out there in the same position as me and doesn’t know where to being ….

I saw what I had already and looked on the internet at different people’s capsule wardrobes as it might not be the same for all types of people. Here’s a list I have come up with for me personally that I will spend that little extra money on as this should last you a life time to then build on with different items to create the perfect outfit.

My Capsule Wardrobe List:

  • Black leather jacket
  • Round neck t-shirts (good quality) in Black, White, Dark Green, Grey
  • Pull on jumpers in Black and Dark Green
  • Cardigans in Black, Grey and Dark Green
  • Duster coat in Black
  • Black and Brown Boots
  • Leather look Trousers/Jeans
  • Good Quality leggings with different textures (Leather, soft and ribbed)
  • Black leather skirt
  • Good quality jeans – for me stretchy comfy high waist in Blue, Grey and Black
  • White Shirt and Blue Shirt

This might not be to everyone’s taste as some people love colour in their wardrobe but for me I like dark coloured basics to then build on with a coloured handbag or coloured scarf etc...

Let me know if you have ever de-cluttered your wardrobe and if you struggled with your basic capsule wardrobe and what your list is ?

Hope your all well
BeckyAnn x