Thursday, 10 August 2017

My CT Scan Experience With Contrast

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write this blog post as a couple of days ago I was searching throughout the internet at every corner for someones real life experience of a CT Scan and couldn't find anything. So I hope the following will help at least someone who was as worried as I was and give them some piece of mind.

Link for information on what a CT Scan involves HERE

Back story is that I have high cholesterol through my DNA which doesn't allow my body to naturally get rid of the bad cholesterol. I had a letter for a CT scan through the NHS, which in all honestly doesn't give you a lot of notice which made me a little nervous.
Couple days later was the day of my CT Scan and I was nervous as i'm not great with hospitals and needles etc.. I arrived 10 minutes early where a nurse handed me a clipboard with a few health related questions on to answer (basically to see if anything they would be doing would cause any danger to any allergies you have etc.), then I was told to go change into a hospital gown which I had never had to wear before. ** Tip - Take your own dressing gown to put over hospital gown so you feel more covered and comfy as you need to sit in the waiting area for a while**
Then I called into the X-Ray room where I asked if my mom could come in when they insert the cannula. This point was the most uncomfortable part if you don't like needles, they couldn't find my vein which made me feel abit light headed, but as the needle went in just felt like a normal blood test.
Once the cannula was in my mom left the room and a nurse came in with ECG pads to see what my heart beat was like as they need your heart rate at 70 beats per minute and mine was sitting at 140 ! yes I was a little nervous so a specialist came in and had to inject a B-Blocker through my cannula which I didn't feel at all just had a strange taste in my mouth.
Once my heart rate was slow enough to catch a picture they inserted the tube that would administer the contrast dye. At this point I had my eyes closed and relaxed. There was a automatic voice telling you to breath in and out then to hold while the doughnut shaped machine took a picture at which point the dye was released into your blood which didn't hurt at all and just left you feeling like you weeded yourself, such a strange experience !
After the pictures where took they made me sit in the waiting room for half an hour to make sure my heart rate went back to normal and that i felt fine. I still had to keep the cannula in until they knew I was ok.
After half an hour the nurse called my back in and took my cannula out which you don't feel at all and replaced it with a pad and tape at which point you can get dressed and leave in your own time.

So overall I worked myself up the most about the dye and the B-Blocker going in and in the end I didn't feel those at all! I couldn't of done it without my mom which goes to show you need your mom even when your an adult and would highly reccommned you take someone who will keep you calm :)

I am so proud of myself for going through this and would say to anyone going to go through this is don't worry as its never bad as you think (I know easier said than done) but ts not worth stressing over if its something you need done.

Let me know if this post helped you 

Hope your all well