Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Halo Book Project

Hello bloggers,
                       So as I promised I would upload here I am uploading my final photos from my lastest project. Im in love with what Jessica Oates Photography took and what i procuded. I had to pick a book that hadnt been made into a film or television programe and i had picked Halo and i produced a loved up angel who wasnt surrrposed to :) hope you enjoy...

i produced the wings and costume during 5 weeks then did testers for the hair and made the flower clips :)

Close up of the wings :

Make-up, Costume, Wings, Hair done by Rebecca Rooke
Model : Joeslin Desilva
Photographed by Jessica Oates Photography

Copyright 2012

So im uploaded these while i watch Brit awards :)
Did anyone see Florence and the Machines Dress By Alexander Mcqueen done By Sarah Burton
Wow it was amazing :)