Monday, 8 October 2012

Recent Buys..

Hello bloggers,
                        Been shopping in the past couple months for some new A/W clothes and beauty care this is some of what i have brought and will be anthor post on some more soon :) Hope you enjoy...

Clutch bag i brought for a wedding coming up from New Look £15.99

Skull Ring and chain from New Look £3.99
Jeans from H&M £9.99 Bargin :)
Left ring £2.50 and right ring £1.50 and necklace £4.00 all from Primark
Maybelline shade 820 £2.99 Asda
Bag from Primark £12.00
Top from H&M £6.99 and necklace from Zoo £6.99

Collection 2000 conceler shade 1 Fair £4.00

From left: Boos conceler £4.00, L'oreal hydro cream £4.00, Andrew Barton heat spray £3.99, Avon Argon Oil £3.99, Maybelline Super stay foundation shade soft beige 

Candle light holders from Tesco £1.50 a pair

I will be posting soon on wish lists, More what i have brought and my cousions wedding this weekend and what i wore :) thankyou for looking and will be posting soon :)