Monday, 24 March 2014

Working Out

So I'm on a very determined path to become fit while shedding a couple of stone. So I wanted to share the start of my path with you all and every month do one post to show progress, as I thought it was impossable to do !! I want to show everyone out there that it Is hard work but it'll be worth it. So I go 6 times a week to the gym and spend up to 2 hours in there doing cardio, I also take up classes to to mix it up abit. I'll stick my headphones in and listen to music, while picking a course to do whether that's biking through France or hiking up mountins in California ! 

The one day I have off I'll also go on and select blogilates videos as there super fun to do that's a video there for you to get to her fun channel ! 

I'm also changing the way I eat to ! As they say it's just as important as working out so bread is out the picture I only have poo when I'm out drinking and I've switched to soya milk ! I'm looking forward to my Jounery and hope it inspires some people to get fitter :)

Hope your all we'll