Sunday, 20 April 2014

Life Through My IPhone

-Top left is when I went out this time last week for a drink in the sun by the canal side.
-Top right is when I went to the zoo the other day and of course I had to include my favourite animal !
-Bottom left is my outfit I wore to the pub last week.
-Bottom right is a photo from March when I went to Marco Pierre Whites restaurant.
-Top left are my nails that I painted today in a pale lilac colour :) 
-Top right is a picture from this morning getting out of bed ready for Easter !
-Bottom left is yet anther picture from the zoo :)
-Bottom right is a picture of the canal side of when I had a drink and last week England had a lovely ray of sunshine :(

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter Sunday !! And you sat and enjoyed your chocolate :) 

Keep safe