Sunday, 27 April 2014

Re-Vamp I Say !

Hello Bloggers
So I've been in a rut with my wardrobe and i thought its time to sit down and think about 
what i want to change about it.
Then Barbra from PersianBabe on YouTube uploaded a video on what I was thinking.
So I watched that and looked online at my style icons..

Now I have 3 celeb ones but as you know it's not actually their styling ideas they have
stylists so I have 2 that I love.
Then ill talk you through my other inspiration ..

1. Mary Kate & Ashely Olsen..
There style is minimalist and Chic and its defiantly me as everything they
wear is comfy too !

2. Mollie King
Shes very fresh and young but classic and her style will never bore me !
I also love the fact she wears the color scheme I love White and Brown..

Then I get alot of inspiration from blogs and YouTube, Top 4 Favorites..

1. BeautyCrush // Love Reading her blogs and watching her channel :)
2. Zollea // Love watching her videos there so relaxed and fun :)
3. PatriciaBright - Love watching her videos :)
4. LilyMelrose - Love her videos as there quirky and different 

So that's all my style inspiration and based on my post..
I like Black//White//Grey//Light Pastels
Some might call it boring but i'm sick of going buying trends that don't suit me or feel right..
So my little tip is to buy things you feel good in and that fell comfortable to you :)

Hoped this helped or just enjoyed reading this post