Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brithday Day

Hey everyone,
So it was my 23rd brithday yesterday and i wanted to share with you my outfit of the day.
I diddnt notice at first but everything is from newlook. Im very much into greens for winter and it was frezzing that day too so i thought why not through this outfit together....
I'm in love with this coat at the moment too, it's warm enough for the weather here in the UK and its what ive been after for a very long time. so you can imagine how happy i was to finally find a perfect wardrobe staple. ♡

I also just wanted to mention how much the selfie stick has helped me photograph my own outfits for my blog.... its such a great idea !!. I got mine from my trip to Edinburgh but you can buy them from pretty much anywhere like amazon Ebay etc...

Hope everyones having a lovely week !!