Friday, 19 May 2017

Getting My Life Together


So back in March I hit 25, which now means I need to get myself together. With my BMI being high and me being so tired all the time and demotivated with anything in life I decided this is the year I will change and become the healthier version of myself.

I started by doing a HITT workout along with strength training right in my own home. I follow Lucy Wyndham Read on social media and I follow her workouts each day on Youtube.
Click HERE to see her channel as I would highly recommend her !, if your in doubt just read her story HERE and I can assure you will want to become a strong Lucy Squad Member.

I have also started my cleaner eating as I have suffered with IBS for years now and i feel great im losing the weight I feel energized and i'm even getting up at 5am to exercise before work ..... I Know Right :)

I will be doing a connected blog post on my transformation once I get o my goal weight and size but there is a transformation page over on Lucy's website :)

Hope your all well