Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Moving On // Life Changes


So recently I was so unmotivated and unhappy where I was in life (I felt like I was at the end of a chapter withing my life). I sat and thought what the pin point of this was and it was where I worked. If your anything like me and worked in the world of recruitment you know its abit like a shark tank. I explored my options on what I wanted to go into which was accounts and found the perfect role near my house and more money to help me financially with saving for a mortgage and learning to drive.

I thought I would create this blog to help anyone going through this as I know its a difficult time to move on and feel stability within changing from Company to Company.

1. Don't always move just for money it has to be for the better. Better role and better people within the business and also a good career progression. Which also comes under if your current Company offer a counter offer always think about the the future if you take the offer will you still be unhappy ?

2. Take some time out to attend interviews and be selective within the process

3. Research the company and find reviews before making the move

4. Make sure your new employer knows about your working notice and before you give this in to your current employer make sure you have confirmation from your new employer to have that stability in moving on

5. You will have people at your current workplace that your close to, go out and take time to let them know your time working with them was great if they worked closely to you. (even keep in-touch afterwards)

So they were my own personal tips on moving job roles i'd love to hear your tips and stories below!

Hope your all well